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servizio foto bimbi torino alain battiloro fotografo
servizio fotografico bimba alain battiloro fotografo

Children photographer


Would you like to make a photo book for your children?


I imagine that since they were born you have made them a whole lot of photos. Many parents, however, confess to me that their shots do not return that special something of the moment you made them.


From the moment children come to the world they grow and transform themselves continuously, it is very important to be able to freeze the memory of the many phases of their life, of their daily and authentic moments. Also to give them images that they can see again and again when they are big and show their children.


You’re in the right place. Entrusting yourself to a professional photographer for a children’s photo shoot will allow you not only to have artistic images but also to capture that intimate something, that baggage of expressions, spontaneous gestures, emotions that characterizes them and makes them unique.


It is very fun and engaging for me to portray children, the trick is to get on their own floor, involving them without haste and waiting for them to be interested and willing to play with me. In this way they will be free to express their personality in complete instinct and naturalness.


The portrait photography session generally lasts a couple of hours, at home or outdoors, in any case in a place you love and where you are at ease.

Don’t be afraid that when you try it your child is never standing still or doesn’t want to be photographed. We will take the necessary time, perhaps taking breaks if necessary. First of all, there will be a time when we will get to know each other and settle down. When we are on the same wavelength and the ice is melted, then he will never want to stop!

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