Here you can find answers to the most common questions about my portrait sessions of your pregnancy, maternity, newborn and family in general. If you still have any doubt or want to talk about more specifically don’t hesitate to contact me!


When will be the best moment?

By the third month onwards every moment is good to make the shooting, especially if you desire to document all the growth and evolution of the belly.
However, perhaps, between the seventh and eighth month focus the best situations: the belly is nice and clear and the expectant mother is not yet in the physically exhausted.

Where can we take the pictures?

The images of matrnity can be realized in my studio, at home or outdoors. The photographs that may result are very different from each of the three situations, so according to your wishes, the season and the weather we will decide decide together the most suitable location.

How long will take the shooting session?

On average, the effective session of shots lasts a couple of hours, to which must be added, depending on the case, the time required for preparation and/or setting up.

Apparel and nudity

Depending on the location and the situation I will suggest some clothes that might be perfect to make the best shots.
To discover parts of the body, in these cases, surely enhances the beauty of the pictures that will result. The “how much” is in any case up to you, according to your pleasure or discretion. I can assure you , however, that is not of my interest to realize vulgar or distasteful images.

Partners and children

The portrait, in my opinion, is not only an aesthetic representation of how we are made physically, but also the social and emotional relationships that involve us.
Try to always bring your partner, even if he is shy and reticent he can at least help you to feel serene and relaxed. And if we can involve him for some shots I am sure that he will enjoy the result .
Depending on the type of photos that we will realize you can also involve your children and let them interact with you and with the belly .


When to set the shooting session?

Newborn photographies are among the most particular that can be done, also because the period in which it is possible to do them will inevitably run out in 10-15 days from the moment of birth.
It is a very delicate situation for the mother and the family who live a moment, even traumatic, in which there is a need to re-establish a new balance. At the same time, however, the period when the baby still has the embryonic attitude and sleeps often and in a deep way.

Where to realize te photographs?

To realize this kind of photos we need to prepare a specific set up, both for the images that we desire and for the wellness of the newborn.
For this reason the sets an preferably be made in my studio or, if you wish, to your home.

How much time will take the photo shoot?

To realize this kind of pictures a half-day session is required: it is normal to put three to four hours in because we will do a lot of breaks. We should take it easy and go along with the newborn times.

How much before we need to plan the session?

I first need to be communicated well in advance about the expected date of birth, so that I can organize my agenda. In most cases it is not possible to fix a certain day to meet and take the photos, so inform me as soon as your baby will be born in order to set a suitable date.

Kids and families

Where will we take the pictures?

Even in this case “where” is very subjective, depending on your taste, the time of year and the weather outside. It is closely related to the type of photos that will result.
With the exclusion of the case in which the subject of the photos are very young children, say up to six months, in which it is good to stay at home or in the studio to still ensure a very secure situation, we can meet at your home, in my studio, or outside for a walk.

How long will occurr?

Generally in this cases the photo sessions will take a couple of hours.

How we should dress?

Usually, except in special cases, I ask to wear simple dresses and colors, preferably in solid tones. For children it is recommended to have a spare change in case they get dirty.

In all three cases hundreds of images will be taken. I will choose for you the best ones and give both in printed and digital version to see them on the computer or other electronic device.