Below you will find answers to the commonest questions about my wedding services.

If you still have doubts or want to talk more in depth about your wedding, do not hesitate to contact me!


How much does a wedding photo service cost?

This is the first and most common question is asked to me. It depends!

The price is only one of the parameters to be assessed for the choice of the photographer, but perhaps even more important is to find in your own photographer the person who inspires confidence and enthusiasm, because he will have the responsibility to come into your home and family and realize an important and delicate service.
For this reason I decided not to bet on the economy, I don’t want to be chosen because I’ll give you the biggest album for the best price you can find in the market but because my photos and my album will excite you.
Of course, I’ll bend over backwards so you can be satisfied with every penny you’ll have spent. The wedding day you’ll probably can have tons of pictures by friends and family, for free. I think that to pay a photographer is justified not from having whatever images but the ones, and a story through the album, which will make the difference.

That said, the cost of the service depends substantially on the product that you want to have or what kind of album you desire. If you want one or even the mini-albums for parents or other guests. How many pages will they have, their size, and whether in addition to or alternatively you want the optional packages I can offer such as multimedia slideshows, photobooth and/or printing photos directly on the day of your wedding. The services with only the delivery of digital images cost normally 1.100€ while those with the realization of albums start at about 1.500€.
However, being totally artisan, the service and its price can be designed together so that it will meet your needs and your pockets.

In this regard, with the bride and groom there is at least one meeting before the wedding, in person or through Skype, where you may know who I am and how I work, as well as I may know you, your needs, your tastes and peculiarities.

We are not accustomed to be in pose, can you tell us how to?

Shooting in the reportage style I normally I do not like you to put in unconfortable or too static posing. Quite the contrary, I prefer that you enjoy in the most natural way your day. It’ll be my task to capture in the best way every aspect of your wedding day without substantially interfering with your party, looking for the emotions and elegance of that day in the spontaneity of your gestures. At times when we will make photos in a more posed way, with you or your guests, I will care to give you some simple directions so that you stay at ease and pictures will look beautiful and alive.

In which city do you work?

I am based in Turin, Piedmont, but it is by the time normal to realize services in other Italian cities or abroad.

I include in the price 200km of travel costs. Beyond that distance I will calculate a cost per kilometer or agreed a trasfer budget.

How long will you stay at the wedding?

The time required to tell all your day, from preparation to the end of the reception. Normally consider 12 hours enough time to tell in their entirety the most marriages. Beyond that limit, I ask a supplement.

How many shots do you do? Is there a maximum number?

Those to be needed, basically I do not have a limit. I feel that my job is to create the best possible images of every moment of your wedding rather than give you a number of photos. At the end I will deliver about 4-500 pictures, more than exhaustive number to get a complete overview.

Do you work alone or with assistants?

I usually work alone. With the experience I learned to know and optimize the phases of a marriage in order to always find the right place at the right time. In case you desire to broaden the vision of your great day or in the case of particularly large and complex weddings we can evaluate the presence of one or more assistants.

Do you have a good camera?

Often I hear saying: what a beautiful camera, I wonder what beautiful photos it can take!
Hey! I am taking the pictures!
Joking aside, I am of the opinion that a machine is only a tool and that alone itself, without the eye, sensitivity, intelligence, culture and experience of those who use it doesn’t do just anything.

That said it, I have a fantastic camera! Indeed more than one!
I use Canon professional equipment, with high-end lenses and accessories. I normally shoot with two bodies, because it is more comfortable, because if one breaks your wedding will still be safe. And me too.

Can you realize also the video?

I don not realize videos but if you desire I can put you into contact with some professional operators with big experience.

How much time before the date we need to contact you?

I decided to make not more than 15-20 weddings a year. This to guarantee the highest quality I can give.
To contact me one or two years before gives you a good chance of finding availability.
As for the confirmation, once we met and you evaluated whether to hire me, the simply rule “first come, first served” is worth.

And after the wedding day what happens?

Shortly after the marriage I will give you a short selection of sneak peak and prepare the rest of the images on the basis of which I will ask you to return me an indicative selection of your preferred ones. This to understand your tastes according to those you would like to have in the album. Based on your choices I will proceed with my proposal selection and send a draft of the pagination. Together then we will finalize what will become your album which will finally be, after agreed that it suits you in its entirety, sent to the print lab.

What about the album?

As for the album I work with the best laboratories that you can find on the market. More than one, since your tastes are very different and it is worth that each couple can have the album that likes most and in which best reflects. I realize both photo books and traditional albums, in various sizes and formats. In the preliminary interview I will care to explain all the possible solutions.

Can we then have the pictures in high-resolution?

Sure. My job is essentially to create images of your wedding, it is not on the press itself that I rely on my gain. At the end of the service I will give you all the high resolution photos so that you can print them, big or small, how and where you do prefer. If you need high-quality prints you can however ask me.