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Below you will find answers to the most common questions about portraits during pregnancy, newborns and family photo shoots. If you still have doubts or want to talk more about it, don’t hesitate to contact me!


When is the best time?

From the third month onwards, every moment is fine to take photos, especially if you wish to document all the growth and evolution of the bump.
However, the best situations are concentrated between the eighth and ninth months: the baby bump is beautiful, while the future mother is not yet physically more strenuous.

Where can we take the pictures?

Pregnancy photos can be taken at home or outdoors. The resulting photographs are very different from each other, so based on your wishes, the season and the weather we will decide together the most suitable location.

How long wil last the session?

On average, the actual session of shots lasts a couple of hours, to which must be added, depending on the case, the time necessary for the preparation and / or preparation of the set.

Clothing and nudity

Depending on the location and the situation I will show you some items that could be perfect to make the best shots.
Surely discovering parts of the body, in these cases, improves the beauty of the resulting photographs. The “how”, however, will be decided by you, based on your pleasure or modesty. I can guarantee you, in any case, that it is not of my interest to make vulgar or dubious images.

Husbands, partners, children ...

The portrait, according to my view, is not only an aesthetic representation of how we are physically made, but also of about the social and emotional relationships that involve us.
Try to always bring your partner, even if he is shy and reticent he can help you at least to feel serene and relaxed. If we succeed in involving him for some shots I am sure he will appreciate the result.
Depending on the type of photos we are going to make, it is also possible to involve little brothers and sisters and make them interact with you and the belly.


When to take the photos?

The photographs of newborns are among the most particular that can be realized, this also because the period in which it is possible to do it inevitably ends in 10-15 days from the moment of the birth.
It is a very delicate circumstance for the mother and family who live a moment, even traumatic, in which there is a need to re-establish new balances. At the same time, however, it is the period in which the newborn still possesses the embryonic attitude in which he often sleeps and in a profound way.

Where to take the photos?

To make this type of photographs it is necessary to prepare a set specifically, both for the images we are going to make and for the well-being of the newborn.
For this reason the sets that I prepare are made in my studio or, if you wish, preferably in your home.

How long will last the session?

Half a day is necessary to carry out this type of session: it is normal to take three or four hours because there will be many breaks. We need to take it easy and go along with the newborn’s time.

How long does it take to schedule the session?

First of all, you need to let me know in advance about the expected date of the birth, so that I can organize myself with my diary. In most cases it is not possible to fix a certain day in which the photos can be made, so inform me as soon as your baby is born in order to set a suitable date.

Children and families

Where will we take the pictures?

Also in this case the where is very subjective, according to your tastes, the time of the year and the time outside. The where is closely related to the type of photos that will come out of it.
Except in the case where the subject of the photos are very small children, up to say six months, in which it is good to stay at home or in the studio to still ensure a very protected situation, it is possible to meet at your home or around for a walk.

How long will it take?

Generally in these cases the photo sessions last a couple of hours.

How should we dress?

Usually, except in special cases, I ask you to wear simple clothes and colors, preferably in solid colors. For children it is good to have a change of stock in case they get dirty.

In all three cases hundreds of images will be taken. I will choose the best ones for you and I will deliver them to you both printed and digital so that you can view them on your computer or other electronic device.