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Below you will find answers to the most common questions regarding my wedding services. If you still have doubts or want to talk more about your marriage, do not hesitate to contact me!

We are not used to posing, can you help us on how to do it?

In the reportage style I normally use I don’t like you to pose. Indeed, on the contrary, I prefer you to enjoy your day in the most natural way possible. It will be my task to capture the most of every aspect of your wedding without substantially interfering with your party and looking for the emotions and elegance of that day in the spontaneity of your gestures. In the moments in which we will make more cutlery photos, with you or with your guests, I will take care to give you some simple instructions so that you remain at ease and that the images appear beautiful and alive.

Where do you work?

I am based between in Turin and Alessandria, Piedmont, near the Langhe and Monferrato. But it is common practice for me to provide services in other Italian or foreign locations.

I include a trip of 200 km total from Turin in my prices. Beyond this distance, a cost will be calculated per kilometer or a travel budget will be agreed.

How long will you remain at our wedding?

The time needed to tell your whole day, from preparation to the end of the party. Normally I consider 12 hours sufficient time to tell most marriages in their entirety. Beyond this limit I request a supplement.

How many shots do you take? Is there a maximum number?

The number I need to have great pictures and to cover all the marriage, basically I don’t have a limit. I think my job is to create the best possible images of every moment of your wedding day rather than give you a certain number of photos. In the end, however, around 500 finalized photos will be delivered to you, which is more than exhaustive for a complete overview.

Do you work alone or with others?

Normally I work alone, with experience I have learned how to manage and optimize the phases of wedding days so that I always find myself in the right place at the right time. In case you wish to widen the vision of your big day or in the case of particularly large and complex marriages it is possible to evaluate together the presence of one or more assistants.

Do you have a good camera?

I often hear myself to be said: but that machine who knows what beautiful photos it takes!
Hey! I’m the one who takes the photos huh?!
Jokes apart, I am of the opinion that the machine is a tool and that alone without the eye, the sensitivity, the intelligence and the experience of the user does not do anything at all. However, it is true that the camera should be able to follow my needs when I work, especially in difficult conditions.

That said, yes, I have a fantastic camera! Indeed more than one.
I use Canon professional equipment, with high-end optics and accessories. Normally I shoot with two bodies, because it is more comfortable for me and because if one of them breaks down your marriage will be safe, and so will I.

Do you realize also videos?

I don’t realize wedding videos but if you desire one I will put you in contact with professional operators of great experience.

How long before the date do we need to contact you?

I decided to perform not more than 15-20 weddings a year. This is to guarantee the highest quality I can give.
Contacting me one or two years before gives you a good chance of finding availability.
As for the confirmation, I ask for a deposit following the stipulation of a regular contract.

And what happens after the wedding day?

Shortly after the wedding I will provide you with a selection of preview images followed then, as soon as they are ready, the rest of the pictures on the basis of which I will ask you to give me an indicative selection to understand your tastes about the ones you would like to have on the album. Based on your choices, I will submit my paginated selection that you will be able to evaluate. Together we will then finalize what will become your album and that will be sent to print lab only after you have agreed that it will satisfy you in every part.

What about the book?

As for the book I work with the best labs you can find on the market. More than one, as your tastes are very varied and it is right that every couple can have the album that they like best and which is best reflected. I make both photo books and traditional albums, in multiple sizes and formats. In our meeting or interview I will take care to show you all the possible solutions.

Can I then have the files in high resolution?

Of course, my job is essentially to create the pictures of your marriage, it is not in the print itself that I base my earnings. At the end of the service I will provide you with all the finalized photos in high resolution so that you can print them, large or small, as and where you want. If you need high quality prints you can however ask me.