Who I am

To tell with pictures is my passion.
My name is Alain Battiloro, I am an architect and a professional photographer, I live and work in Turin, Italy, between the hills of Piedmont.
I always have had a symbiotic relationship with my camera, since when there was still a romantic period of wait time between the moment of the shot and the one in which you could finally see the developed image.
I studied photojournalism and over the years I have specialized in wedding reportage. Basically reportage photography is to reveal an event, a situation, a story. It can be an important fact of war, a social story, and also a simple event or aspect of daily life that belongs to us more closely.
The photo reportage applied to a special event such as a wedding in my opinion is the perfect synthesis as wonderfully joins both aesthetic and narrative aspects.
To observe, to capture moments that tell the soul of what we have around. People, places and things that make up our reality.
I like all this.